We inspire, connect, & empower women entrepreneurs in and around St. Louis

Are you a female entrepreneur in St. Louis? If so, join us!

WEST (Women Entrepreneurs of St. Louis) was founded with the simple idea of creating events that pulled the brightest and most accomplished females in St. Louis together. Together to exchange ideas, share resources, and build great friendships.

How did we get here?

When I moved ‘home’ to St. Louis in 2011 after being in Seattle for the past five years, I was pleasantly surprised with the level of entrepreneurship happening in St. Louis. However, at every event I attended I noticed a strange absence of women. Where were all of the female entrepreneurs? Turns out, most of them were too busy running their businesses and caring for their families to attend after hour events. While I can relate (it took me a solid 8 months after moving back to really get involved again) I know how valuable relationships with other entrepreneurs can be.

In 2007, I founded Young Female Entrepreneurs. It was my first year in Seattle and I was launching a new business and looking for support. It worked well then (YFE is now run by Jennifer Donogh and was recently highlighted by the White House as a Champion of Change) and I believe it can work well again in St. Louis.

WEST has a strong group of Founding Members and will offer members a variety of opportunities to get involved, from casual networking events to more formal Mastermind Groups.

So, join us. Follow WEST on Twitter and sign-up to receive email updates for future events. We look forward to meeting you!


Jenny Dibble
WEST Founder